Luminous Labs, your premier 3D Production Studio in Halifax, delivers exceptional quality in every project Luminous Labs, your premier 3D Production Studio in Halifax, delivers exceptional quality in every project

Visualizing Your Dreams, Delivering Quality

About Company

Founded in 2019 by Nick LeBlanc and Greg Miles, Luminous Labs emerged as a response to the growing demand for architectural rendering and 3D visualization services during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as a side project quickly became a full-time venture, driven by the need to help individuals and businesses better understand their pre-construction designs and make informed decisions. We assist anyone seeking to visualize their projects by providing exceptional quality and invaluable industry expertise. We are a team of dedicated professionals working together to bring your visions to life through stunning 3D renderings and immersive virtual experiences.

Our Team

Nick Leblanc

Visual Consultant

After finishing classes at Dalhousie University focusing on marketing, Nick decided to shift focus on a passion that has been part of his past since he was just 12 years old. Having a strong love for all things CG and tech-related, Nick strived to figure out how to implement this love for CG art into something tangible. Seeing how artists were using new technologies and software to create immersive and photo-realistic visualizations influenced him to start offering services to local companies to help communicate their vision.

What started out as a hobby in his spare time quickly began to form into a fully functional operation, leveraging many different design techniques for local development teams. His love of the software and its inspiring community made it a no-brainer to expand Luminous Labs and grow the team into something that could create truly remarkable experiences.

Meet Nick LeBlanc, the visionary owner of Luminous Labs, a trusted name in Visual Consultancy
Meet Greg Miles, the creative force behind Luminous Labs, a leading name in Visual Consultancy

Greg Miles

Visual Consultant

Greg grew up in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, graduating from Saint Mary’s in April 2017 before moving to Calgary for a one-year accounting job. Once home, he started to phase away from Accounting to focus on starting Luminous Labs while also beginning an online undergrad for Computer Science with the hopes of someday using it to be involved with Artificial Intelligence.

Greg started with Architectural Visualization while working for a construction company local to the Halifax area. At first, it had just started as a small hobby that he thought might come in handy down the road, but it turned out to be a true passion. Once he began diving into the technology, Greg quickly realized that he had only just started to scrape the surface of an ocean of possibilities.

Mission Statement

We aim to empower your imagination through exceptional 3D production studio services, transforming your visions into captivating reality.

Luminous Labs provides 3D Rendering to clients across Halifax, Nova Scotia, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Moncton, New Brunswick, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Saint John (New Brunswick), and Sydney, Nova Scotia.